Adam E Project


The DC music scene is starting to really blossom and establish itself. A lot of great companies / bands are reaching out and positively influencing the local community in so many ways, like ONE LOVE MASSIVE, and in doing so they have given artists a platform to help shape and identify what makes DC unique. What better way to discover a new area of DC then by going there to see a new artist’s show you heard about on your favorite local blog.

Adam E Project is made up of four different personalities that somehow come together as one to create music that takes the listener on a rhythmic journey. Going through some reshuffling right now, the current free spirits that make up AEP are Adam El-Alfi [front man], Jerel Cook [guitarist], and Max Aaron [bass guitarist, back-up vocals].

Born in Abu Dhabi, Adam discovered his passion for singing as a cast member of “Children’s Choice” a popular British children’s television
show in Saudi Arabia. Calling Washington DC home now, he began writing music at the age of 15 and as a teenager he was chosen to sing at the Kennedy Center Honors beside Stevie Wonder and Ray Charles. As an adult, Adam fell ill and was in a coma for four months. After surviving a 1% chance to live, he endured 9 months of rehab relearning how to walk and how to use his motor skills again. Today, he continues to follow his passion; writing and performing for anyone who will listen.

Jerel is a Silver Spring, MD native who grew up listening to different genres of music; everything from Frank Zappa and Carlos Santana to Jimmy Hendrix and the Isley Brothers. He has been playing guitar for 8 years and credits his uncle for first introducing him to music, starting out mainly playing Christian music and later linking up with AEP in 2015.

Born and raised in DC, Max grew up playing instruments and singing. He fell in love with vocals in high school, where Adam and he sang in choir together and started a five man A Capella group. Carrying that passion for performing into college, he continued at University of Delaware as part of Vocal Point, a competitive collegiate A Cappella group. Music has always been a passion of his, loving and appreciating all different types of music. He joined AEP in 2016 as back ground vocals and is now playing bass.

AEP has overcome adversity, faced death, and just keeps pushing forward asking “what’s next” and embracing each day like it’s the last and writing new material every day.
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