The District of Columbia has a vibrant and eclectic music scene with a concrete foundation laid by creatives… like Chuck Brown, DJ Kool, and Tabi Bonney to name a few of my favorite pioneers. These guys have made history by blending traditional genres to create these sonic textures that are unique to DC. The coolest thing for me about working in this scene is sharing the history and finding people to make it with.

Hunter Kieserman is an American rapper / producer / singer / DJ from Montgomery County, Maryland. Better known by his stage name Hunter [formerly HMAK], he has spawned multiple independently released albums available for digital retail as well as an extensive free discography since emerging in the underground hip hop scene in the mid 2000s. Formerly the frontman of reggae hip-hop band, Irie Intentions, he now serves as the founder of his own record imprint, Good Company Recordings operating out of Washington DC. Ranging from clever punchlines to soulful riffs, he establishes himself with a unique sound and a diverse repertoire.

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