Jordan Clark


The music scene in Washington D.C. has yet to be tapped into and it is important to me because by bringing attention to authentic DC artists, we are preserving my home.

Born February 2, 1992 in Trenton, New Jersey Jordan Clark is a producer/ songwriter/vocalist/pianist and writer who carefully blends electronic, jazz, blues,funk, R&B, and hip hop elements, and translates them into hypnotic songs about self-exploration, love, depression and socio-political issues.

In 1996, Jordan took interest in music and began playing the violin. In 2000, Jordan began to training as a saxophonist, beginning to write and compose his own music. In 2010 he graduated from the District’s St. Alban’s High School and began at Guilford College majoring in African-American studies. As a freshman, Jordan accompanied fellow DC artist Beau Young Prince on his first East Coast tour as the opening act. Jordan Clark, the following year, began performing with the Blue Roots. Inspired by the works of Prince, D’Angelo, and N.E.R.D., Jordan took what originally began as a jazz band and transformed the Blue Roots into a Soul, Funk, and RnB group. In 2014 Jordan Clark graduated from Guilford College, spent the next year walking the Appalachian Trail for spiritual guidance, and moved to Brooklyn, New York, in 2015, to pursue music full-time.

Jordan has performed on the same bills as Stalley, Wale, Bauer, Nelly, Goldlink, TroyBoi, and more and is currently working on his debut album with no mentioned released date thus far.

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