Virginia Coalition – Jerry Jermaine

The year was 2003. Spring semester of Freshmen year was nearing its conclusion which meant that precious first Summer break after high school was almost here. But before I would make that six hour drive back home from North Carolina I learned to loathe, Virginia Coalition was to headline Elon’s first and only “Rock, Stock, and 2 Smokin’ Stages” festival.

I’d never heard of VaCo until that weekend [even though I grew up thirty minutes outside of Alexandria – their hometown] but luckily for me my Freshmen year RA was constantly blasting their rich catalog. The one tune I immediately glommed on to was a cut off of their third studio album Rock and Roll Party.

“Jerry Jermaine,” is a simple tale of an aspiring young man out to set the Putt Putt circuit on fire and the seductive lifestyle that would certainly accompany. Not only is it the only song I think I’ve ever heard that references Ernie Els, but it goes hard mixing jam rock with a deep go-go sound; a match that I never knew I was missing in my life.

Studio version:!/s/Jerry+Jermaine/2nz8Za?src=5


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