Fall Out Boy – Dance, Dance

The year was 2005. I was celebrating the fact that the institution of higher learning I decided to attend was allowing me back in their good graces after a few semesters of questionable erudition. Fall Out Boy on the other hand was enjoying the many successes of their second studio album From Under the Cork Tree. 

The sophomore effort, setting the record for longest song titles, featured the breakout smash “Sugar We’re Going Down,” but it was the followup single that made me really take notice. Dripping with intensity from the onset, “Dance, Dance” grabs hold and doesn’t let go. If you’re feet aren’t moving by the time that chorus hits you need to take a second to re-evaluate your life choices.

Speaking of life choices, let’s jump ahead a few years to the summer of 2009. I was visiting my good friend Megan in New York City when we decided to hop the train to Yankee Stadium. We were making our way through the Manhattan streets when a breathtaking pair of jorts headed towards us caught our attention. It wasn’t until a few moments had passed that we realized the owner of those spectacular relics was none other than Mr. Peter Wentz III.

That life choice? A bold one, a bold one indeed.

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