Ariana Grande ft. Zedd – Break Free

Anyone who knows me, knows I love some Big Brother. It’s my guilty pleasure every summer. In fact I’m debating shifting the focus of this blog to all the shenanigans in that L.A. house for the next 3 months. Anyway, in it’s 16th season CBS decided to cast “Youtube personality” Frankie Grande, who lets you know he’s the big brother of pop sensation Ariana Grande within the first 30 seconds of getting to know him. I wanted to immediately write him off as fake and all around “too much,” but he’s actually one of the more sincere players this year and now I think I may end up rooting for him to make a deep run with his BFF, the douchetastic frat-bro Zach.

Ok, where was I? Something about music…? Yes, the youtube sensation’s little sister makes songs; pretty catchy ones too for that matter. After releasing a string of hits off her debut album Yours Truly last year, she’s been heavily promoting her follow-up My Everything featuring the smash “Problem” and her first foray into the EDM scene, the day old “Break Free.” Co-produced by the international superstar in his own right Zedd and pop deity Max Martin, the track comes radio and dance floor ready. And while the synths and bassline are top-notch, it’s the Nickelodeon grad that carries the track to new levels with her still green yet polished verses throughout.

This one is going to be big:


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