Saint Pepsi – Fiona Coyne

Living in DC you often meet hella interesting people. Last night was no exception. While waiting out what seemed like a mini hurricane at Nationals Park, a Lingerie Football League Quarterback struck up a conversation with a friend. First, I had no idea that operation was legitimate. I could have sworn it was a marketing gimmick to sell beer. And second, those girls surprisingly don’t mess around when it comes to playing hard-knocks football. I gained a whole new respect after a few Youtube clips of QB1 getting smacked upside her head. This city truly is a melting pot.

Another engaging individual would be Ryan deRobertis better known by his stage name Saint Pepsi. The Long Island electro producer has made a name for himself slicing and dicing your favorite tracks and repackaging them with his own vaporwave spin but he’s gone into a more pop-friendly direction with his latest offering. “Fiona Coyne,” getting it’s name from Degrassi High’s favorite lesbian, is a bouncy disco-funk insta-smash. Bright and cheery from the start you’re left with a giant grin by it’s too soon conclusion. Be sure to cop this August 12 when it’ll be released via Carpark Records:

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