Blaque – 808 [Throwback]

The year was 1999. Americans were caught up in Y2k frenzy, anxiously awaiting the new millennium’s massive meltdowns the computer bug was sure to wreak. I was more concerned with passing Chemistry.

As for Atlanta’s Blaque? They were likely focusing on churning out the followup to their smash “808,” the chart topping debut single for the Lisa “Left Eye” signed trio. Penned by another superstar in R. Kelly, this Billboard #1 is a smooth R&B influenced cut with subtle uses of the drum machine the song gets its title from mixed throughout. Not to be overlooked, lead singer Shamari Fears comes strong with two velvety verses followed by Natina Reed’s memorable rhymes in the same vein as her TLC mentor.

Though I think my lasting take-away will always be their contribution to the Pop Culture lexicon. Thanks to their inspired performances in the Peyton Reed classic Bring It On, I feel no shame when I drop “Can we just beat these Buffy’s down so I can go home.” Thank you ladies.


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