Maroon 5 ft. Big Sean – Maps (Reflex Remix)

When I saw Big Sean was jumping on Maroon 5’s latest “Maps” I thought ‘Oh great, another lazy remix where [insert rapper here] lays down a verse off the top and 30 seconds later it’s the original song in it’s entirety.’ It makes me long for the days of the Bad Boy Remixes where Diddy put a little effort behind his reworks. He’d come back with something totally new and exciting. Now I’m happy if the beat’s tweaked however briefly in most cases.

So I was floored when I realized I was listening to something that truly contrasted with the initial offering. Gone is that uptempo generic Top 40 chord progression. Instead, we’re served up a nice midtempo pulse reminiscent of the current R&B scene. And props to the new Mr. Ariana Grande for not phoning this one in either!

Enjoy a much welcomed transformation:

Maroon 5 ft. Big Sean – Maps (Reflex Remix)

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