Jennifer Lopez ft. Ja Rule – I’m Real (Murder Remix) [Throwback]

The year was 2001. It was a more sincere and straightforward time for music. When people used the word remix it meant something; not like these days where it gets thrown around haphazardly at any tune featuring yet another verse from Pitbull. Today’s throwback reminds us all of that lost art.

“I’m Real (Murder Remix),” Jennifer Lopez and Ja Rule’s genre blending smash off of 2001’s J.Lo, takes the concept of the remix and flips it on its axis. Sharing no similarities with the original upbeat dance track other than a contraction and an adjective, the “hip-pop” rework finds the songstress trading lines over a slowed Mary Jane Girls sample with one of the games bigger names at the time [for real, Ja Rule was friggin huge 15 years ago]. This is so much of a departure it could be considered an entirely new track, the sign of a job well remixed by my estimations:


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