Tate Tucker – M.O.E.

Today’s track comes from “new-to-me” artist Tate Tucker, an L.A. singer/rapper. He’s been around for a few years it turns out, getting his start opening up for Lupe Fiasco and then making a name for himself via the social media circuit. It’s his latest work that finally caught my attention.

Listening to the first few bars of “M.O.E.” had me convinced I was settling in for another upbeat electro number I so often blog about. Then producer Garrett Lodge shifts gears and we’re now jamming to a nice mid-tempo R&B/Hip-Hop groover. I always like a good fake out. The rest of the cut sees Tate pushing “the life”, all while flowing between potent rhymes and lush hooks effortlessly.

I guess now that he’s on my radar, I can pull back the #FOMO alert. Get yourself acquainted if you haven’t already:

And peep the dope accompanying video too:

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