Eric Bellinger ft. The Game – Awkward

We’ve all been there; some dude or chick still hung up on their ex won’t stop texting or calling even though that same ex is now with you. Well here’s your anthem.

“Awkward,” the first preview off of the upcoming Choose Up Season Mixtape, finds Eric Bellinger teaming up with The Game for the second time this year. Over a nuanced R&B bassline from Roc Nation’s Deputy718, the velvet voiced L.A. singer/songwriter bucks the hard-pressed relationship hangers-on who just can’t move forward. To round out the cut his West Coast brethren adds a capable albeit formulaic verse. It’s nothing you haven’t heard before but it fits. Overall though, it’s an enjoyable call out worthy of the single life brand Bellinger is boosting.

Choose Up Season drops October 1:


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