Lisa Stansfield – Never, Never Gonna Give You Up [Throwback]

The year was 1997. Today’s write-up would shape my pubescent years in ways I could never understand, thanks to one overflowing porcelain bathtub.

This one’s for the esoteric heads out there. Introduced to me by way of Pop-Up Video, Lisa Stansfield’s [who I always think of as an attractive Tracey Ullman] “Never, Never Gonna Give You Up” receives the throwback tribute. A cover of the Barry White hit by the same name, this mid-90’s update maintains the pure sensuality of the original, even turning it up a notch, yet still manages to spin it in a new direction for the contemporary audience. Highlighted by a psuedo electro-R&B backing track and billowing vocals, this refresher is absolutely on par with the soul classic.

Now let’s talk about the accompanying visuals. Featuring Ms. Stansfield artistically shot half naked in a bathtub and then wandering the streets of NYC topless, this was probably the closest thing to softcore porn music videos could get away with twenty years ago and the closest thing to softcore porn I was going to get away with watching until I got my first laptop.

Reminisce with me:

And after doing a quick google search I realized she’s still pumping out tunes. Give her new album Seven via Monkeynatra a chance.


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