Samantha Mumba – Baby Come On Over (This Is Our Night) [Throwback]

The year was 2001. Bubblegum pop delirium was at an all-time high, the likes of which we may never see again, thanks to the limitless list of mega-stars. Britney / Christina / N’Sync / Backstreet Boys / Destiny’s Child / TLC / Brandy / Jennifer Lopez / Usher / Eminem / literally hundreds more. What a time to be alive!

Not quite attaining that level of super-stardom, Irish songstress Samantha Mumba released “Baby Come On Over (This Is Our Night)”, a commendable effort in what was an overwhelmingly crowded music market. The second US single off her debut Gotta Tell You followed in the same vein of many early 2000’s saccharine soaked hits, but the then 18 year old would tweak that familiar blueprint and distinguish herself among the also-rans by putting on display her sublimely sultry tones all the while incorporating an imaginative sample of Kool & the Gang’s iconic “Ladies Night.” This could have just been another one-hit wonder to fall by the wayside but thanks to some melodic singularities this cut plays on in at least one pop fan’s world:

What’s she up to today? Besides running her own lifestyle blog, she’s still releasing music. Check out “Only Just Begun” released earlier this year.


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