One Direction – Change Your Ticket

It’s hard to imagine but the five boys who finished third in 2010’s UK X-Factor have already released their fourth studio album. [After college it took me four years just to earn a livable wage, but that’s for another day!] Their young careers still flourishing, One Direction has offered up Four to us mere commoners. A mixed bag of bubblegum pop, indie-rock edge, and formulaic ballads it’s a twelve track reminder of the toil that goes into honing your craft, but also a harbinger of the accomplishments yet to come.

For instance, today’s focus “Change Your Ticket” [off the deluxe version via iTunes], is an upbeat and flirtatious proposition full of charming melodies and playful riffs that you could say bear a resemblance to those in The 1975’s “Girls.” I can’t fault them for that though, especially if tumblr is to be believed. Truth of the matter is, it’s a fun fucking song! So enjoy:

Bonus: watch The 1975’s haunting cover of the gents’ “What Makes You Beautiful”

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