Adam Sandler – The Thanksgiving Song

The year was 1992. Saturday Night Live was in its heyday with the cavalcade of comedic geniuses parading the halls of Studio 8H. There was Carvey, Farley, Hartman, Myers, Rock, Spade…the list goes on and on. It was around this same time a young Adam Sandler would make his mark and add his name to that vaunted list thanks to a late-night diddy honoring everyone’s favorite Autumn holiday, Thanksgiving.

A precursor to his wildly prominent “Chanukah Song”, The Thanksgiving Song is often overlooked but it’s here where the future Jack and Jill star honed his non-sensical non sequitur satire. With lines like “Turkey for you and turkey for me, I can’t believe Tyson gave that girl V.D.” who knew crass pop culture references set to simple two-line rhymes would be the winning combination to usher in years and years of holiday parodies?

It also doesn’t hurt that this is legitimately the only Thanksgiving specific song I could think of for this post. Enjoy!

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