SisQo – Round & Round

Continuing what seems like a “blast from the past” series of posts…

Sisqo [now stylized as SisQo?] has been quietly promoting his comeback album “Last Dragon” this past year and is offering up a third preview before it’s slated release early next year. To be honest I had no idea he’d released the singles “A-List” and “LIPS” already, so you could imagine the double-take I did when I saw he had a new song out.

“Round & Round” finds the former Dru Hill member returning to the more poppy sound that made him the household name he is today. Crooning over an upbeat soul-funk backing, the Baltimore native [DMV shoutout!] channels his inner Bruno Mars and delivers a rather impressive showing thanks to the lively uptempo production and his always agreeable harmonies.

While it’s no “Thong Song” [I don’t think anything can top that one] I’m still feeling it. Give it a spin and see for yourself:

SisQo – Round & Round


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