Whitney Houston – It’s Not Right But It’s Ok (Thunderpuss Radio Mix) [Throwback]

The year was 1999. Americans and the rest of the world alike were anxiously awaiting the doom and peril the Y2K bug was surely about to bring upon humanity, while one Whitney Houston, pop icon and arguable artist of the millennium, could not be bothered as she was setting herself up to enter a third straight decade topping the charts.

Led by singles “When You Believe” and “Heartbreak Hotel,” her fourth studio release My Love Is Your Love would sit comfortably on the charts for 75 weeks, but it was a b-side remix of the album’s third official cut that gets today’s throwback attention. The perfect antithesis to her worldwide smash “I Will Always Love You”, “It’s Not Right But It’s Ok” finds the legend calling out an unfaithful lover [looking at you Bobby B] and taking back the power in an unstable relationship over a simple R&B groove. All well and good, but we’re dealing with one of those rare occasions where the rework may be more recognizable than the original.

Enter the production duo known as Thunderpuss; two LA based beatmakers who for a stretch in the late 90’s, early 00’s were turning out mixes for plenty of A-list talent like Britney Spears, Christina Aguilera, Brian McKnight, and N’Sync just to name a few. A favorite of both straight and gay club-goers, their Whitney revamp is a sweaty, pulsating accomplishment in female empowerment. Flawless vocals and demanding drum patterns weave seamlessly through a relentless bassline until you reach the climactic, chills-inducing charge “It turns out, you were making a fool of me.” After a brief respite, the beat kicks in and those golden pipes recount the self-assured chorus until the aforementioned scumbag fades from memory.

It’s a shame she was never able to right her ship; all we’re left with are these memories of what could have been:

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