[Been Sleeping On] Model Aeroplanes – Club Low / Sam Hunt – House Party

Dundee’s Model Aeroplanes, think a Saint Raymond fronted The 1975, have been turning out full fledged indie-pop excellence for months, but I’m just now growing familiar with the foursome. Their most recent tune “Club Low” cultivates that same time-tested formula through rollicking riffs and cheerfully boyish harmonies.

Check the gents out online then do your ears a solid and give a listen:

Model Aeroplanes Facebook
Model Aeroplanes Twitter
Model Aeroplanes YouTube

Well it was bound to happen, but here I am breaking my only rule of this blog, “No Country.” Though to be honest, Sam Hunt’s “House Party” is really a country, hip-pop composite so I can get away with it. Off of his debut Montevallo, this lively celebration of all matters fun piqued my interest recently at none other than a house party and I haven’t been able to shake it since.

You know the deal, show the man some love:

Sam Hunt Instagram
Sam Hunt Facebook
Sam Hunt Twitter


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