[Been Sleeping On] Jr. – This Must Be The Place (Talking Heads Cover)

The topic of covers has become so furiously contentious in some circles, I’m sure small wars have been started over far less. To some the original is a crown jewel, never to be tarnished or tainted by a lesser being. To others, any and everything is fair game. I fall somewhere in the middle. If you’re going to attempt a cover, make damn sure it’s fresh and unique; not some lazy imitation.

Which brings me to Jr. and their take on the Talking Head’s forever classic “This Must Be The Place.” While not my favorite cover of this song [that honor belongs to Miles Fisher and his American Psycho homage], the Los Angeles trio [and co-producer Michael Coleman] still put their own spin on things, incorporating soothing synyhs with a mellow indie-pop style and warmer harmonies. I’m pissed I hadn’t heard this sooner, but in to my heavy rotation it goes!

Give these guys some interwebz love today too:

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