Bobby Brown – Every Little Step [Throwback]

The year was 1989. I was but a mere pre-schooler, well versed in all things Sesame Street; not so much the emerging new jack swing sound permeating the urban airwaves of the late 80’s. A fresh-faced Bobby Brown though? That’s another story.

With the backing of producers L.A. Reid and Babyface, the young soloist would capitalize on the rise of the style du jor, releasing “Every Little Step I Take,” a fun R&B-pop hybrid off of his sophomore effort Don’t Be Cruel. On it’s own, it’s an upbeat cut with a danceable groove tailor-made for mainstream radio, but it’s the accompanying visuals that the track is probably best known for. Set against an all-white backdrop, Bobby and friends have some fun, breaking it down with a trio of fashionable females, all while rocking some tight spandex and fantastically high shoulder pads of their own; an iconic look parodied so well by Wayne Brady and Mike Tyson in their Funny Or Die video.

I can’t knock the dude though, this tune and clip still get the heavy repeat treatment. So press play, step back in time, and relive a classic jam and your own questionable fashion choices:

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