Brandy & Monica – The Boy Is Mine

The year was 1998. Joining the ranks of other famous feuding pairs like Hamilton and Burr, Stalin and Trotsky, Havilland and Fontaine; Brandy and Monica would put them all to shame with the release of their love-triangle opus.

One surely for the history books, “The Boy Is Mine” visuals find our well-known duo pitted against each other, passionately vying for the affection of the same man [Mekhi Phifer]. Trading melodic barbs back and forth in their respective apartments, the two R&B divas go in [over a funky mid-tempo groove courtesy of the late 90’s hitmaker Darkchild] until they reach the unfortunately amicable climax; in a shocking twist the two resolve their lingering issues and unite to turn the tables on the two-timing Phifer.

The song would earn them both their first Grammy awards, cementing the two as perennial powerhouses. And it still thrives today. Glee took a go and producers 99 Souls used it last year in one extremely cool mashup.

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