Cyrus ft. Packy – 17

This song is dope; who is this?

Not just a lyric from Cyrus’ “17” but a very real internal conversation I found myself having after the Lansing musician’s cut appeared on my SoundCloud feed. Well a few clicks later and all was made clear. He and fellow Michigan native Packy make up The Specktators Collective, an independent record label started by the two artists and a profile I don’t necessarily remember following but am glad I did now.

“17” is an extremely enjoyable callback to those highschool years when life was a party [not the listless soul-suck it’s become today] with Cyrus and his impressively assured vocals taking lead duties while Packy channels his inner teenage self and delivers an energetic flow to round out the upbeat pop offering.

So get to spinnin’ and grab a free download while you can:

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