Rihanna – BBHMM (Luca Lush X Brasstracks Remix)

This one is a doozy.

The always dynamic Luca Lush and Brasstracks have teamed up for a monster of a remix, transforming Rihanna’s trap anthem “Bitch Better Have My Money” into a throbbing euphony of sound. Throwing caution to the wind, the bright beatmixers blend elements of house/r&b/trap/funk/jazz/insert-genre-here but in some wonderful way it all fits. And RiRi’s assertive hook isn’t lost in the shuffle, it’s actually given even more life in this frenetic mix.

So if you’re in the mood for a burst of energy-on-tilt, do yourself a solid and spin this slick, next-level fire right now:

One response to “Rihanna – BBHMM (Luca Lush X Brasstracks Remix)

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