Loud Luxury ft. Kaleena Zanders – All For You

Toronto’s Loud Luxury, a production duo popping up on my radar for the first time, have just dropped “All For You,” a surefire smash certain to heat up the club scene this summer. Tapping Kaleena Zanders for a vocal boost after hearing her over 2014’s update of “California Love” from SNBRN, the House beatmakers put forth a sizzling slow-builder of a banger abundant in intricately layered synths and reverberating bass-deep rhythms for the Los Angelena to shine on. And shine she does, according to the two friends “there was no one [else] that would be able to provide the soul and power the song needed.” Spot on!

So if you’re Sunny Season playlist is a little lacking at the moment, head over to Beatport for the official release via Prep School Recordings. And as usual, spread the love socially:

Loud Luxury Facebook
Loud Luxury Twitter

Kaleena Zanders Facebook
Kaleena Zanders Twitter
Kaleena Zanders YouTube

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