Kelly – Let Me Borrow That Top / Shoes [Throwback]

The year was 2006. Lost in a sea of shame and regret, a young twenty-something me was looking to break free from the clutches of poor life choices, was looking for a guiding light to show me there was more to life than an endless supply of Rum & Coke, was looking for a blonde wig wearing, profanity spewing, zero fucks giving YouTube sensation to show me the way.

Of course I’m talking about Liam Kyle Sullivan, better known for his work as the brash, crass, and all things YASS…Kelly. Back in the mid 2000s the psuedo-successful comedian introduced us to “Let Me Borrow That Top” and “Shoes,” two hilariously absurd viral hits that let us peak into his wonderfully weird world.

Like any middle aged man disguised as a teenager would be, Kelly is consumed by the superficial, misunderstood by her equally eccentric family, but that doesn’t stop her from baring her soul and letting her freak flag fly.Top, a charming account of our protagonist’s desire for a neighbor’s form fitting blouse, is a tormented electro-pop smash while the gleeful ode to stylish footwear Shoes reminds me of more pleasant mall-binging days gone by. Both, however, capture the unbridled enthusiasm and spirit of a brighter, more tolerant world.

Beautifully magical and quotable for days no two songs would come to inspire me the way these works of pure artistry did. So in her immortal words I demand of you readers…let me borrow that FUCKING top!

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