Joe ft. Mystikal – Stutter (Remix) [Throwback]

The year was 2001; a lush breeding ground ripe for soulful and sensual rhythm and blues. Joe, underrated lothario, was coming in to his own having just released the widely acclaimed My Name Is Joe, due in large part to a Grammy winning production team and stellar singles roster.

The real standout though? A daring remix of the ho-hum R&B cut “Stutter;” a track that received a much needed injection of energy when producer Soulstar and rapper Mystikal got on board. Abandoning the original’s sample of Quincy Jones’ “Summer In The City” for the more urabn take used in Pharcyde’s “Passin’ Me By,” the re-do comes strong with a fresher sound more palatable for popular consumption. And hey you can still get your groove on to a slinky Joe hit, albeit on the dance floor rather than the bedroom in this case.

And as a bonus, check out this capable rock cover from My Darkest Days:


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