Miley Cyrus – Nightmare

She’s back y’all.

After various headline stealing antics promoting her Bangerz production, demolition enthusiast Miley Cyrus and her latest leak “Nightmare” are taking the internetz by storm. Already spreading like wildfire on various blogs, tumblr, BuzzFeed, and I think even AARP’s official site, the pure pop production [smart money is on Dr. Luke behind the boards] sounds fitting for the new direction a more matured Miley has hinted her fifth studio album would take.

Stripped away are the sophomoric overtones that made her last album the rollicking party-starter it was. Instead, a more cultivated sound emerges. The synth-rock roots that made her earlier work so special dazzle once more while her rich harmonies sparkle across the whole of this four minute gem.

Welcome back girl.

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