Lil Wayne – I Feel Good

Kids today. I just spent the weekend getting schooled in all things hip-hop by a swaggerific twelve year old. Fetty this, A$AP that. I even got tips on stepping up my fashion game; apparently ‘joggers’ are huge right now. I gotta give the little man credit though, his whole demeanor is, what the youngins are saying, on fleek. Still, the elder statesmen of the scene that I am, I managed to impart my musical knowledge on the kid. That classic West Coast flow was on repeat, with some current greats thrown in for good measure. Which brings me to today’s write-up…

Legend in the making Lil Wayne and his surprise release, July 4th’s Free Weezy Album, has received mixed reviews to little fanfare, but even so there are a few choice cuts among the 16 track offering. My personal fave would have to be the James Brown sampled “I Feel Good,” a speaker busting update of the soul standard. Over the bass-heavy beat, Tunechi spits some lyrical fire through an unhindered and heady flow.

For me, he’s at his best when he’s let loose to just have fun on a track. Listen for yourself:


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