Switchfoot – Meant To Live [Throwback]

The year was 2003; a lost and lonesome 18 year old self was adrift in the seas of a rootless world, yearning for traces of alacrity and effulgence. Enter psuedo-Christian rockers Switchfoot and their inspiring major label debut.

Now I prefer my Christian Rock as ambiguous as possible and early 2000’s Switchfoot fit that bill to a tee. Gradually leaving their spiritual beginnings behind for a broader appeal, the San Diego five piece were turning out chart toppers that weren’t overly preachy, but still resonated with a strong message.

“Meant To Live,” one such ray of rousing luminescence, was the perfect blend of unbridled positivity and hard, alt-rock tones. And you can’t forget those killer riffs laid down. Also marking the band’s mainstream emergence, the cut would reach #5 on the US Top 40 chart that year and was featured prominently in conjunction with the box-office smash Spiderman 2. Not too shabby.

Get yourself lifted with a spin:

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