Mya – Free [Throwback]

The year was 2001. My 16 year old self was shamelessly blasting [at an embarrassing rate], what I would come to realize was, the perfect anthem for my formative teenage years; an ode to being single, sexy, and sweet by a twenty something hip-pop songstress.

The song in question? Today’s throwback, the bubblegum R&B/dance hybrid “Free” from singer/songwriter/dancer/actress/all-around-talent Mya. The final single off of her sophomore effort Fear of Flying, this upbeat and incredibly fun cut celebrated all that it meant to be a young, free-spirited woman in the early 2000’s. Naturally, this gawky teenage boy could relate. Seriously though, I just love to move when I listen to music and “Free” made that damn easy at 112 beats per minute. And when you factor in Mya’s harmonic range, you’re left with an ear-pleasing total package.

Fun fact: Mya is the first cousin of a guy I graduated high-school with so she ended up performing a string of hits including “Free” at our post-prom party Senior year.


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