Justin Bieber – What Do You Mean?

If you’ve been a functioning human on the internet the past month you’ve likely noticed the celebrity-filled countdown campaign for Justin Bieber’s latest single “What Do You Mean?” Even The Fat Jew, everyone’s favorite joke stealer, got in on the action. Well the moment of truth is finally here as the Biebs took to Vevo to release the lyric video early this morning.

The first offical preview of his yet untitled fourth studio album “What Do You Mean?,” co-produced by Justin and previous “Boyfriend” collaborator MdL, relies on the current trend du jour, already so over it tropical house, almost exclusively but for some reason I’m not entirely turned off. Bieber’s wistful lyricism and passionate serenading can lift any track these days, and the underlying theme of running out of time marked by the recurring tick tocking is a nice touch. But was it worth the wait? I’ll proffer an uncommitted yes for now.

Decide for yourself with a listen and catch skateboarding vet Ryan Sheckler doing what he does best in the lyric video below:

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