Alan Jackson – Chattahoochee [Throwback]

The year was 1993. Like most 9 year olds I was an innocent trouble maker, a playful rule breaker. But I guess it took because here I am two decades later still misbehaving, like right now where I’m about to break this blog’s cardinal decree.

Alan Jackson in the early 90’s was about as country as country could get; hit after hit chronicling anywhere from blue headed women to the honky tonk circuit. And when you take into account the thick mustache and trademark cowboy hat you’re looking at country’s poster child. You can’t really blame me for being so enthralled by the man and his spellbinding brand of small town authenticity, especially the uptempo coming-of-age cut “Chattahoochee.”

This down home ditty about the treasured Southern waterway had it all; a built in two-step beat, catchy, relatable lyrics [highlighted by an inspired use of the word yonder], and Jackson’s signature twang front and center. It’s easy to understand why it would then go on to receive CMA’s Single and Song of the Year honors and why it’s receiving my revered throwback treatment today.

So if you’ve got a hankering to relive those muddy water days of Summers gone by, I leave you with…

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