DNCE – Cake By The Ocean

Joe Jonas is finally back on the music scene after 2011’s moderately successful solo debut Fastlife. This go-round is a little different though; it’s a group effort as he takes on lead duties with the newly formed DNCE. Alongside the prettiest JoBro are JinJoo Lee on guitar, Cole Whittle pulling double duty on bass and keyboards, and longtime Jonas Brother’s confidante Jack Lawless on drums.

Billing themselves as “your new favorite band,” the self-assured foursome have offered up a slice of yummy pop satiation with “Cake By The Ocean.” Jam packed with glittery synths, funked up grooves, and a rollicking nu-disco bassline, their Republic Record’s debut is a sizable chunk of dance candy for the listener to chew on.

So as Joe proclaims, ‘go fucking crazy’ and give it a spin below:

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