Christina Aguilera – Get Mine, Get Yours [Throwback]

Editor’s note: I was all set to observe Pope Francis’ historic visit with a timely spiritual write-up, but I quickly realized I’m not a very religious person and couldn’t find a suitable selection. So naturally I pulled a 180 and went with a throwback that encompasses the complete antithesis of the Pontiff’s message.

The year was 2002. Aggressively dirty pop music was in. The days of lily-white innocence were out. At the forefront of this raunch movement? Christina Aguilera in her bright yellow chaps.

Off of Xtina’s sexually charged fourth studio effort Stripped, “Get Mine, Get Yours” celebrates the mutual satisfaction of carnal urges by way of an unhindered, no strings attached policy. So primal, so natural really. It’s a testimonial to commitment free hook-ups set to a sultry R&b groove. And to make the track even racier, the buxom blond channels queen of sensuality Janet Jackson with lyrics like ‘hang a please don’t disturb sign / put my back into a slow grind / sending chills up and down my spine’ and ‘come on and freak my body / we can get nasty, naughty / all night a private party.’ This track is straight up boots knockin,’ baby makin’ hotness and a mainstay on my “Grown & Sexy” playlist.

So if you’re looking for something to counteract all that holiness in the air this week, go ahead and press play below:

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