The 1975 – Love Me

Recent conveyors of enigma, The 1975, have let their mysterious countdown hit double zero. What was it all leading to? “Love Me,” their first taste of new album material in two years, which was just premiered as Annie Mac’s “Hottest Record In The World” on her BBC Radio 1 show minutes ago. My snap judgement? Love it.

It’s a major reinvention for the Manchester lads. Steering far from their recognizable alt-rock beginnings, they’ve instead incorporated a strong experimental 80’s sound with psychedelic funk grooves and fitful new wave synths; envision a modern day Sledgehammer [of Peter Gabriel familiarity] if you will. Of course, the harmonies you’ve grown to love are still ever present. All and all it makes for an exciting new course that fans, longtime and new, can get behind.

You can grab the proper studio version of “Love Me” now via iTunes or stream below via Spotify:

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