Sheryl Crow – Strong Enough [Throwback]

The year was 1994. An entrepreneurial ten year old me was flush in crisp greenbacks thanks to a brand new self-propelled mower and two doting grandmothers. Naturally, I blew my fat stacks on high fructose sugar and $20 compact discs at Sam Goody. It so happens one of those first CDs I wasted my barely earned money on featured today’s throwback.

The Sheryl Crow catalog is voluminous, formidable, impelling…damn good. But it’s her debut, Tuesday Night Music Club, that is home to hit after hit, including the emotion drainer “Strong Enough.” An unassuming cut at first listen, this acoustic wallflower gradually blossoms into a full fledged folk-pop anthem with each heartstring tugging lyric and gently weeping guitar pluck. But as is usually the case, it’s Crow’s consuming vocals demanding your attention, harmonizing over a lover she doesn’t need but can’t let go.

It’s that universal motif of diffidence that rings so sadly true to us all; don’t act like you haven’t been there at least once. Feel things below with a play:

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