India.Arie – Video [Throwback]

The year was 2001. Hillary Clinton was just the junior senator from New York while Donald Trump was only a 54 year old ego-maniacal blowhard with too much time and money on his hands. An innocent time for America and the world indeed, symbolized by an even purer sound.

Perfect for a chilled-out vibe-session by the pool or twilight-drive down the coast, today’s throwback comes from then 25 year old India.Arie and her debut album Acoustic Soul. “Video” was a breath of fresh R&B air, hitting the radio waves in early February. The even-tempered soulful song espoused the idea that a strong woman wasn’t characterized by material wealth, but rather by unwavering confidence in herself. That kind of influential message resonated with music-loving women and men [or teenage boys in my case] alike, catapulting the single onto the Billboard Hot 100 and earning India four Grammy nominations.

Now it’s just a jam you want to get lost in, reminiscing back to a sunnier time sans souci. Ya feelin’ me?


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