[Been Sleeping On] The Revivalists – All In The Family

For those not in the know, AXS TV does a great job broadcasting the newest live music to the masses. Any weeknight you find yourself without a SVU rabbit hole to get lost in, I suggest you check your local listings because there’s usually a pretty dope set getting AXS airtime. Like last Friday night when I found myself jamming out to New Orleans’ The Revivalists as they shook up the hometown crowd at this years Jazz & Heritage Festival.

After a quick Shazam I realized I was grooving to “All In The Family,” a cut they’ve been playing at their live shows for a few years now, but finally saw a proper release on last summer’s Men Amongst Mountains LP. An accomplishment in rock-gogo fusion, the four and a half minute thumper boasts both rich rhythms and raucous riffs that entirely overcome the listener [if you happen to be into that sort of thing]. This one is a no-doubter in the ‘get your ass pumped up’ department, so do yourself a favor and stream on.

Then why not check these bad asses out online:

The Revivalists Facebook
The Revivalists Instagram
The Revivalists SoundCloud
The Revivalists Twitter

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