Fat Pat – Tops Drop [Throwback]

The year was 1998. My fourteen year old self was itching for a learner’s permit so I could flaunt the shit out of the ’95 Ford Taurus station wagon waiting for me in our driveway. It was another story down in Houston, Texas where only the most boss rides were on display.

Elevating that spectacle with a proper theme, H-town rapper Fat Pat released “Tops Drop;” the quintessential jam to pop trunks and drop tops to. Basically a four minute acclamation of how dope he and his candy-painted customs are, the classic hip-hop cut struts to a bassed up sample of Yarbrough & People’s disco-funker “Don’t Stop The Music” and flaunts an emboldened flow any auto-themed rap enthusiast could get behind. Plus there’s a bunch of hot chicks twerking by some trees in the video.

And like any true great throwback, ‘Tops Drop’ still enjoys relevance today. I’d actually never heard it until seeing Washington National’s third baseman Anthony Rendon walk up to it earlier this season and there’s currently a petition on Change.org to make it Houston’s official song [it’d be a fitting memorial to the slain MC, shot dead shortly after TD’s release].

Remember Fat Pat and Tops Drop with a spin:


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