God’s Property & Kirk Franklin – Stomp [Throwback]

The year was 1996. Mainstream radio was overwhelmingly dominated by less-than-convincing hip-hop and bubblegum pop. Gospel music was relegated to that one station on either end of the dial that never quite fully came in unless your antennae was positioned just right. But that all began to change when Dallas choir God’s Property and Christian musician Kirk Franklin got together for “Stomp,” a surprisingly accessible hard hitter [as far as gospel standards go].

Now I’m not religious in the slightest, but a positive message transcends ideology; “Stomp” is really just five minutes of affirmative willingness set to music. Over an inspired “One Nation Under a Groove” sample, you’ve got the heavenly sounding choir declaring how Jesus’ love runs through them, stirring their rhythmic souls. Then Salt-N-Pepa’s Cheryl James drops her own fiery verse of adulation.

A funky bounce topped off with a fiery verse from one of the era’s biggest femcees all while musical minister Franklin offers up one-liners of praise-hype and this jam busted right on through into popular culture.

Now the year is 2016 and this world is in a whole mess of a shit-storm. Not to sound too preachy but it couldn’t hurt if we all felt like ‘having a little church up in here’ or better yet a ‘holy ghost party.’ GP are ya with me?

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