The 1975 – Somebody Else [Video]

“Go fuck yourself!”

Not only a time-honored insult, but now an act The 1975 frontman Matt Healy finds himself engaged in at the close of their new video for “Somebody Else.” The engrossing and vivid visual accompaniment to their latest I like it when you sleep, for you are so beautiful yet so unaware of it single is another in a long string of thought-provoking cinematic pieces.

A dreary opening vignette sets the tone for the rest of the clip as we see Healy wash clown makeup off of his face while a motionless figure dwells on the couch. Then as the familiar bars of the experimental pop cut begin to play our hopeless protagonist wanders listlessly and lovelorn through the night, only to end up drinking his pangs away. The kicker comes when in the second act of the treatment its revealed he’s been imagining himself as the various objects of his lust and affection, thus the aforementioned act of self-love.

I mean we’ve all been there right? Check the visual out in all of its narcissistic glory below!

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