Billy Joel – All About Soul

The year was 1993. At the ripe ole’ age of 44 today’s featured throwback performer released his twelfth studio album River of Dreams. Like so many in his catalog before, Billy Joel’s as-of-now last long player would reach number one on the charts and number one in this fan’s heart.

Bolstered by the impassioned lead single of the same name, the record was much more personal in tone and style, evident in both the lyricism and execution. But it’s another track that stands above the rest after all these years.

“All About Soul,” the second single, is a rousing piece of pop-rock achievement. The piano bars build the sonic soundscape before a whole host of instrumentation joins in. The bass guitar and percussion mix to add a driving force while a string accompaniment adds a touch of sophisticated urgency. And when the iconic soloist’s ardent versification is all said and done you’re left with a truly underrated musical gem.

Today, the 67 year old is still going strong as he’s in the middle of yet another stadium tour. I was lucky enough to see him last week at National’s Park and what a show it was. My only complaint? He didn’t play today’s throwback. I’ve still got love for The Entertainer though.

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