Lafa Taylor & Aabo – Turn My Music Up

Hip-hop and house; two musical genres that when bridged flawlessly can create a truly awesome aural experience. No strangers to the approach, rapper Lafa Taylor and beat-crafter Aaron Bortz aka Aabo have just dropped a bomb of a blend in “Turn My Music Up.”

Lead single off of the pair’s upcoming album FEEL, the cut pours on the bounce and bass reminiscent of the classic house production it so emulates, complemented nicely by Lafa’s fiery and festive flow. And the visual accompaniment just adds to the fun. Directed by Taylor as well, it’s an amusing look at how music brings antagonistic forces together.

Check the stream and video out below then spread some social love for these two:

Lafa Taylor Facebook | Lafa Taylor Instagram | Lafa Taylor SoundCloud Lafa Taylor Twitter
Aabo Facebook | Aabo Instagram | Aabo SoundCloud | Aabo Twitter

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