Another Bad Creation – Iesha [Throwback]

The year was 1990; the year of No Fear fashion, bowl cuts, Look Who’s Talking Too, and Jennifer Lawrence’s birth. Not to be excluded from the fun, New Edition’s Michael Bivins would discover a hip-hop super-group of six adolescents. Yes, he chanced upon Another Bad Creation.

A Jackson 5 for the 90’s, this youthful collective would playfully burst onto the scene with their debut single, the flirtatious and surprisingly catchy “Iesha.” The common theme of young love set the tone while a hotbed of new jack rhythms would set the pace; a rewarding mix for the boys first foray. The cut would chart at #9 on Billboard’s Hot 100 and reached #6 on the same R&B charts cementing itself as their biggest [if not only] hit.

But like most of that era’s forgotten fads [save for the Oscar winning actress], ABC would fall out of style a few years later. Still, we’re talking about them today right? Iesha, wherever she is, would be proud.

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