Robin Thicke ft. Nas – Deep

It’s easy to rag on celebrities when they open their mouths regarding hot button issues. We expect them to stand there and look pretty for our amusement, not to actually express opinions that they are rightfully allowed to. But when those issues disproportionately affect a certain sect of our society on a daily basis who are we to act so superficially, especially when we’re not doing anything to address the situation?

Which brings me to Robin Thicke’s latest “Deep,” a powerful collaboration with Nas who at the start drops an acapella touching on the rampant police brutality in our country right now. He raps ‘White man with a gun apprehended, he still alive / Black man with a gun, he has no chance to survive / They gon’ shoot him dead soon as they see the brown of his eyes’ before turning it over to Thicke who, over a chilled R&B groove, croons on decidedly less deep concerns.

But don’t count Esco out just yet, he jumps back on the track for a verse dragging human pile of garbage Donald Trump with lines like ‘And you don’t think it’s an emergency / A toupee wearin’ liar’s tryna run the U.S.A’

This one’ll stay with you after a listen. Give it a spin below:

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