KRNE & Jupe release new Trap track “Seventeen”

The next time you catch yourself saying “Oh gosh, I can’t stop listening to this track”, I can guarantee you it will be “Seventeen” by KRNE & Jupe. Not only will you press the repeat button but, you will double click it, or even triple click it to make sure that the repeat is on.

‘Seventeen’ is truly a track where the 808 will shine and make you bounce with it. The bass is so heavy and thick that the drop alone can make the earth shake, which is a fair warning, if the song is one repeat, it may cause a slight earthquake. Ok, yes, we may have gotten a bit carried away but we just love this track so much. KRNE & Jupe know the power they yield by amassing such heavy bass but it is a risk they are willing to take. Take a risk a give ‘Seventeen’ a listen and if the earth quakes, we have KRNE & Jupe to thank.


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