Post Death Soundtrack puts us in a trance with “Beauty Eyes I Adore”

Post Death Soundtrack has put us in a trance for the past couple of hours and we are not complaining. Their track “Beauty Eyes I Adore” is just that good.

From start to finish I felt as if I was in hypnosis with myself as I listen to the groove of the bass and I move to the pace of the keyboards. Add in some very unique percussions in the echoes behind the main musical instruments; it makes you want to actually focus in on them as you listen to truly appreciate what Post Death Soundtrack has blessed our ears with. The lyrics are quite haunting but sweet in a way of a dark mystery that we cannot help but blush at the thought of someone adoring us so. It is an epic trance that we have set upon each other: our irresistibility as listeners and fans, and the trance that Post Death Soundtrack has us with each passing minute. It’s in an endless dance of flirtation and we want you to join us. Give Post Death Soundtrack a listen and give in to the groove of ‘Beauty Eyes I Adore.’


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