Len – Steal My Sunshine

The year was 1999; heyday of baggy cargo shorts and the orange moped if today’s throwback is any indication. I’m talking about one-hit wonder Len and their visual for the sunlit and shimmering “Steal My Sunshine.”

A perfect escape from the wintry days the Northeast finds itself trapped in today, this trip down nostalgia lane was the late 90’s Summer anthem any teenager within earshot of a boombox would recognize at the first few bars. Featuring the crazy catchy sample of disco classic “More, More, More”, the lead single off of the Canadian collective’s third album You Can’t Stop The Bum Rush would build into its own legitimate indie-pop hit. That was in large part due to its relatable content and the simplistically subtle nature of the song.

Plus it’s just easy fun! Soak up those sunny season vibes one more time with a spin below:


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