Steve Hussey and Jake Eddy pair up to bring “The Miller Girl”

Whenever we think of country, we think of storytelling and beer drinking. Yes, “The Miller Girl” is a reference to the beer and the miller girl is portrayed in the Miller ad. Steve Hussey and Jake Eddy are geniuses for making the Miller girl a girl we want to marry and bring home to meet our parents. Steve Hussey sings beautifully as if singing to the Miller girl herself saying that “I’m gonna marry that girl someday”. She definitely shines like the midday summer sun. Such a soft rhythm to use as a metaphor for such a soft woman that deserves a loving person to be with. Steve Hussey just wants the Miller girl to find someone special, as we all deserve to live happy with the people we love.

The Miller Girl provides something we don’t hear anymore, a space for the violin to shine. Throughout the song but also its own solo and believe us when we say, it is perhaps the most beautiful sound we have heard come out of a violin someday. Jake Eddy is himself in bringing down the house with his banjo expertise to provide a melancholy melody to compliment the Miller girl. Such a great track that I am excited to listen to the rest of the album. Be sure to give Steve Hussey and Jake Eddy a listen and give “The Miller Girl” the love she deserves.


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